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The quintessential muslim. Also the most failed terrorist in Al-Qaeda history. Does not like the idea of America, or his homeland Israel, which has been taken over by infidels. Has 3 wives, 27 children, and 2 fathers. Commonly found wearing a slightly dirty white shirt and covering black suit or winter jacket. Runs a Pakistanni restaurant even though he hails from Islamabad. Always seen wearing the signature turban which veils the silky, oily hair which has been rumored to reach down to his b-hole. Often used for sexual pleasure of his own and his many wives and their b-holes. Pronounced ER-ser-men. (Jihadist extremist)
John: White shirt, suit coat, and turban? Must be an esimran.
Tac: Better stay away, it looks dangerous.
by Cat X Custer March 08, 2013

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