Is a top-of-the-line full-size luxury SUV manufactured by General Motors under the Cadillac Marque. The Current generation Escalade/ESV and EXT are built using the GMT-900 platform using an IMPRESSIVE Vortec 6.2L V8 delivering 409 BHP @ 417 Ft. LB. of Torque the Escalade/ESV/EXT trio are the MOST powerful and successful SUVs/SUT ever produce by General Motors.

SOME body panels are share between the Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban and Avalanche and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL Yukon/Yukon XL Denali. HOWEVER, No interiors are share between the entry-level Chevrolet and GMC versions.

Some Features exclusive to the Cadillac Escalade trio are Autobeam HID and LED headlights, Magnetic Ride Control sensors and cooled and heated cup holders.

The top-of-the-line-trim GMC Denali package versions feature SELECTED similar details enhacing its appearance. A number of features, engine size and number of safety airbags commonly found in the Cadillac versions can also be found in the Denali package.

The Escalade is the most hated luxury SUV in the world by poorly uneducated and immature idiots who CANNOT afford it and choose to compare it to the cheaper Tahoe, Suburban, EXT Yukon or Yukon XL or as a "Nigger car" "pimp car " or "drug car" vehicle due to it's popularity in Rap music videos and shows like The Sopranos.

The most hated comments come from the assholes who drive current-to-date UNDERPOWERED Navigators and Range Rovers and those who will NEVER be able to afford not even an used one.
Logan: Fred got himself a new ride after the many headaches with his Range Rover HSE.

Joseph: Yep, it's the new Escalade. A great choice. Dumping that Hindu-owned-wanna-be-SUV clunker was a GREAT idea.
by GM Co. July 31, 2009
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one of many large cars that men purchase to conceal the diminutive
nature of their "manhood."
That guy was born with a little dick, so he bought an Escalade to feel
like a man.
by Jon March 19, 2004
An SUV manufactured by Cadillac which uses either a frame from a Chevrolet Tahoe, Avalanche (EXT model), or Suburban (ESV model). Starting at a little under $50,000 US, these trucks are a blatant status symbol amongst young Urban people and senior citizens, the later being a more traditional fanbase for Cadillac. Escalades were made popular from hip-hop artists and have traveled into the mainstream.

The vehicles themselves are highly decorated with chrome and Cadillac decals to show prestige. Their only true claim is that their engine is the biggest of the full-size SUV market (second only to the Porsche Cheyenne, which classifies as a mid-size SUV). The EXT model is a crew-cab pick-up, similar to the Chevrolet Avalance. The ESV model is a full-sized utility, similar to the Chevrolet Suburban.

The Escalade transcends the typical age braket as an SUV, appealing to young men, well-to-do family moms, and old rich white folks.
Dayam, look at that Escalade! Talk about bling!
by sqyttles August 20, 2003
A vehicle which inner-city morons with bad credit aspire to drive; much in the same way hillbillies aspire to own a fireworks stand.
"Fo shizzle, dat Escuhlay be duh mad phat, pimped out, and off duh hook, G!"
by Angry Man October 30, 2003
car of choice for drug dealers, rappers, and guys with small penises
the escalade has weed in the back
by clevelandsteamer September 07, 2005
An Over-priced copy of the chevy Tahoe , Avalanche and Suburban. Stupid people want an over-priced ESCALADE.
Example: Tahoe base price 30k , Escalade 55g
Avalanche 25g , Escalade EXT 52g
by NY Minute September 11, 2004
A Chevrolet Tahoe with body cladding, 18" wheels, and some fake chrome shit all over. Often acquired by people on the verge of bankruptcy who have a small dick.
Person 1: "Yo, I got me an escalade."
Person 2: "Sweet! Let's check it out."
Person 1: "Oh, the bank took it already."
by Chuck W February 18, 2008
an overpriced version of tahoe. also comes in ext and esv, are based on the avalanche and suburban
Escalade: look at me! I only cost 55k
Tahoe: you idiot, i'm the same thing for only 30k
by octopus August 24, 2006
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