Esa means a Mexican homegirl.
Using esa is for females if u wanna call a homeboy its ese.
However not all homies use this.
Note that not all use this term.
Another term for esa would be homita which can also mean lil homegirl using it for a male it would be homito.
some other Centro Americans use these terms as well.
But are mainly used by Mexican homies.
Ahi esa that vato over there looks real firme.
#esa #homita #chola #chula #mexicana #surena
by ESA SPOOKY February 27, 2008
Top Definition
homegirl, female form of esa
esa loca !
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
The Arabic translation of Jesus.
People with this name are badasses and are highly respected.p.s it is usually spelled "Isa"
"Esa. You're the best!
#jesus #isa #badass #respect #genius
by Rayman3000 September 28, 2013
female mexican homegirl. feminine of ese.
"Don't worry bout those putas, I got your back, esa."
#ese #homegirl #chicana #latina #chola
by South Fizzle Rizzle November 19, 2007
Etobicoke School of the Arts
im a great singer so i got into ESA for music theatre
#arts #etobicoke #school #of #the #drugs #esa #so #fun #drawing #visual
by richygoodman April 30, 2011
Esa is your "homegirl". She will be straight with you and will be loyal till the end. Esa is the weird/fun one in the group. She will always have your back. Everyone wants to be Esa's friend. She may be weird but she is amazing. She see the good in everything. She
Is crazy too. But you will love her. She will stand up for you. She has no problem protecting the ones she loves. Don't take her for granted!
Esa is my best-friend.
#eden #elsa #dani #omg #loyal.
by Qwerty yippie March 29, 2015
Electronic Software Association. Formerly known as the IDSA. An evil watchdog organization hired by insecure gaming corporations to seek out and destroy abandonware sites instead of focusing on real problems like the piracy of current retail software.
"The only good thing ESA ever did was invent the ESRB rating system."
#esa #esrb #idsa #piracy #abandonware #watchdog
by T.Ractorhead November 24, 2006
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