It's like wigga or nigga for Mexican people. Mostly, I see it used as a way to be immature and say shitty innuendoes in English class because it sounds like essay.
"Have you done all of the eses?"
by Belmont Whore November 05, 2005
A knife or dagger; racist term reffering to a perceived propensity of hispanic individuals to carry these.
Dont be fucking with that fool, hes known to carve out fools faces with an ese.
by Nizzle St.Grizzle May 10, 2006
Like most curse words, it can be friendly, but calling someone an ese is the english equivalent of "you damn (insert mild curse)"
Hey I'm talkin' to you, ese!
by lalala November 03, 2003
ESE = The Elizabeth Smart Experience
You have been entranced by the reality that is THE ESE......
by THE_ESE June 27, 2005
It's spanish for whore.
Q: Why did the 14 year old mexican get pregnant?
A: Her teacher told her to do an ese (essay)
by Kay Kay Kaytay September 15, 2005
Spanish-American (SA); the letter S and A, S-A;
my definition for ese is the best.
by Cuatro February 06, 2005
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