I dont know if somebody here have got it right yet, but I believe that "ese" means, okay, first literally: That thing. As in "that thing you've got down there." So figurativelly is a bad word; it means: Asshole. I hate it when someone, typically a stranger, call me "ese." It's usually only spoken by the lowest educated and bad mannered Mexicans, Mexican-americans, hispanics. For example: hispanic gangs, etc.
Where is my money, ese?
by somecoolguy July 25, 2007
the letter S in spanish...
basically some of the previous definitions of these words are correct, such as 'homeboy,' 'foo,' etc.
but the S stands for southsider...
S=13=trece=crip related
where tha fuck you from ese?!
by G'd up loccstor July 10, 2005
The main word in a really funny joke from Comedy Central.
Mexican: Hey ese
White Guy: Why are you calling me a term paper?
Mexican: ?
by My_Name_Here January 25, 2005
a latina girl's boyfriend sancho
Teacher: Why did you get pregnant?
Girl: You told me to do my essay (ese)!!
by William Joseph Hemmington November 18, 2005
acronym for Extreme Sexual Exhaustion
occurs when you masturbate too frequently and your arm gets tired for an extended period of time
reprecussions of ESE include not being able to write more than a few words at a time, not being able to partake in physical activities, and being generally unable to have any fun
ESE generally lasts less than a day, and the only thing you can do to help is to give your dominant arm some rest
omglolzz04: hey why weren't you in skool today?
n10seMASTRBTEUR7: ESE, but i'll back tomorrow
omglolzz04: TMI TMI TMI
by Dr. King, PhD @gmail.com November 27, 2005
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