Slang for mexican gang members, similar to those who say, dude, bro, broman, my dude, nigga, brah, bruh, broseph, Brody, guy, pal, friend, my dog.
Pronounced: essay
Example: Where you from Ese!?
Example: what's up ese!?
by Bitch_i_eat_ass June 11, 2015
It started as a word used by The Surenos, a mexican gang,
since ese is how you pronounce the letter "S" in spanish, that is what they called each other. Nowadays, It is used by a lot of mexicans. It would be used by surenos like the word homie, or friend.
Sureno: Ey ese letz jump dat chapete over there
Sureno 2:iight ese letz go!
by MRJoker13 January 20, 2010
Group of people in Suffolk, New York. Often regarded as a gang but most members do not believe this. Activities include minor graffiti, "jackass" style video making, and some members take part in drinking, smoking, pills, etc. during parties which are thrown at various abandoned buildings. Wear purple bandannas tied around wrist or in back left pocket; which is why it is seen as a gang movement. But the bandannas are just a style adopted by the group.

Many locals have been starting trouble with them for unknown reasons.
bill: yo you see all that eSe graffiti on the building in the woods?

mike: yeah i saw it, its okay but they need to add more designs.

ese kid: imma fix it up when i cop some spray.
by LongwoodD00d December 31, 2009
a derogatory, stereo-typical reference made about or towards persons of Latin descent due to having or displying or pursuing poor taste, language, character, or product; A Latin equivalent of "Ghetto."
That car is so ese-looking. You can't be ese all your life.
by Whatever, aye! January 30, 2011
Ese is the pronunciation of the letter "S" in Spanish.

Used by many Latino descendants in North America; Ese - refering to the racial slang "Spic" they rather use the first letter of it to call each other.
I cap your ass if you f*ck with me; Ese!
by EuropeoSuramericano December 07, 2010
A form of nigerian orca whale, sometimes appear in the forms of both beluga and sperm whales.
You totally look like an ese dude
by bigboy y momo February 02, 2012
ese is a spanish word wich means "that one" but young mexicans have changed it meaning for "you"
it has nothing to do with surenos.
ese hombre es feo
that man is ugly
by El Padrino August 03, 2007
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