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Erzibet is very scary.

Important facts about erzibet:

1. She lives with an atheist.
2. She stalks the Pope.
3. She listens to rather too much Tomcraft.
4. She thinks she is a Victorian prostitute.
5. She has given up curry.
6. She has a very nice collection of tiaras.
7. She couldn't give a fuck about the fish.
I met erzibet once and she didn't look anything like her live journal icons.
by spaff July 15, 2004
The Lesser Spotted Erzibet is quite docile, unless aggravated, at which point the Erzibet becomes quickly enraged and has no problems expressing this.
The Lesser Spotted Erzibet can be tamed with frequent visits to cosmetics shops and history books.
The Lesser Spotted Erzibet mostly consumes pasta dishes, and curries. This is often consumed with water, but Wife Beater or Pimms is prefered.
The Lesser Spotted Erzibet has big eyes and a cute nose.
Oh look, erzibet is waging yet another flame war against someone who doesn't like Anne Boleyn.
by Atheist July 18, 2004
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