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A really cute upcoming scene queen with nice hair and a nice personality. She lives in Queens, and goes to the queen center mall ALOT, iv'e seen her! She isnt bitchy, surprisingly. May be bitchy to a person whos rude/insulting/annoying/etc. Soon to be another Jevee Massacre, or even a Jefree Star!
person 1: Hey erin, whats up?
erin eats emos: Hi there bby! nothing much you?<3

person 2: Ew erin, your gross.
erin eats emos: Suck my dick cunt. <3
by YOUDONTNEEDTONOE January 10, 2008
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A really hot scene chick that lives in New York. Shes really nice. She aint like bitchy like those other scene kids that dont talk to you. She actually talks to you, and doesnt actually talk about herself. Dont be rude to her, she WILL curse you out, roflmao!
erin eats emos myspace=

by sincerely, sebastian. January 10, 2008

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