A girl with a devine figure. She has an amazing face and body. Normally fierce yet sweet at times. Wonderful friend that learns quickly from her mistakes. Is nervous around crushes and tries to act cool.
"Damn, she's a fierce ass bitch,"

"Yup, that's Erica for you."
by ThePokester April 26, 2013
the best thing to ever happen to this world.
to be perfect
to be beautiful
amazingly awesome
damn your looking good...almost as good as an erica
by kirstie_08 January 15, 2009
Women named Erica are very independent. Also very friendly, humorous, attractive, and polite. An Erica will make a good friend. Will make an even better sister.
I love you, you're such an awesome Erica.
by Lady1741 February 04, 2010
A fucking gorgeous, bad ass bitch who sure as hell aint gonna take shit from no one. this bitch is all up in yo business but not in a bad way ;)
hot guy:
holy shit whos that whore.. what a bilf (bitch i'd like to fuck)

Other guy:
Dude thats gotta be an Erica
by bubble-shit March 07, 2013
A woman who loves and is loved. Someone who will lose sleep if their friend is sick or hurt. Will be a wonderful mother and wife. Many people will be jealous of her loving and charming nature and the men will fall over each other to get to her.
Guy 1: Whos's that girl walking down the street? She looks like the kinda girl I'd like to meet

Guy 2: Can't beat that one, she's Erica
by sinners February 08, 2010
is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful soul and a warm heart. She has lots of talent. She's strong, witty and an absolute joy to have as a friend despite what other entries may say about the name.

Those people aren't true erica's they tarnished the name.
Hey! That's a true Erica!
by DontCallMeGol February 03, 2010
The most drop dead gorgeous girl to ever step into your presence. She has all the friends and men grovel when she stands before them. Everyone will always envy her and everyone strives to be her friend. People will always love erica.
I wish I was Erica.
by Heath Ledger's Women November 28, 2009
Erica is the girl that can do anything. She's an amazing musician, beautiful person, and earns respect from strangers even when she walks down the street.

Synonyms: Beautiful, musical, smart, pretty, amazing, flawless, perfect, respectful, thoughtful
Boy 1: Who's that new girl?
Boy 2: That's Erica.
Boy 1: Damn, isn't she appealing.

Boy 2: I respect her already.
by Aspiring March 23, 2013

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