Ergo's, or 'Rowing Machines', are shorter terms for the compound word; Ergo-meter. These are the most evil, soul sucking, painful and physically draining contraptions ever invented. The pain experienced on these machines is more than any other machine or sport in the history of the world. Only the most powerful, fittest, mentally strong and best conditioned athletes have the ability to use one of these machines. The excruciating pain experienced on this machine is equivalent to no other pain as it is too painful. It is considered by any who attempt it to be a form of torture. Any athlete who attempts an ergo either has extreme power and stamina or has a mental disability.
'Oh you did an ergo? You must be huge'
by ladd March 01, 2013
The gayest word in the English language
Ergo is a word used only by people who think they are smart, but really don't understand how to write or speak.
by Dictionaryfreak July 19, 2004

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