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an expression of favorable opinion toward a female.
Garth: "Which one do you like?"

Wayne: "That babe over there. She has my erectoral vote."

Wayne and Garth: "Schwing!"
by Juxtapose April 17, 2009
Voting with your dick.
I don't care if she wants to impose a Nazi regime, she still has my erectoral vote.
by plukkert April 17, 2009
The pronunciation of "electoral vote" in the asian english dialect.
John: Ready to vote?
Hu Ma: Which vote? The erectoral vote?
John: Yep.
by Ban-Lord April 21, 2009
Your Chinese US history teacher explaining the electoral college 'cuz we don't make 'em smart enough here
Dr Chang: The erectoral vote is how we erect pariticians to the presidency
Student 1: I wish Americans were smart enough to teach American History
Student 2: I remember when Asians were only good at math...
by smejb May 05, 2009
A vote cast into a system for a specific candidate based on their sexiness and ability to make others horny on sight.
Man, that chick on American Idol was hot!
She sure earned my erectoral vote!
by MincedFury April 19, 2009
1. A vote on something that means dick.

2. A vote on something where the outcome is someone or everyone gets dicked.
"I just voted to raise taxes to stimulate the economy, yet they're spending money to bail out those big business shitheads. Well, that sure was an erectoral vote."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 15, 2009

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