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noun. Slang terminology for Cannabis or Marijuana, from the american pronounciation of "herb".
"yo, I got some dank erb yesterday man..."
"werd, let me check that shit out"
by Olly J February 06, 2005
111 37
Epic Rap Battles of History, a popular youtube channel that pits well known characters of real life and fiction in rap battles composed and performed by NicePeter and EpicLloyd.
Sweet a new ERB is out. It's Moses vs Santa Claus!
by cclloyd January 21, 2013
60 6
marajuana??? u smoke this shit and gets u high as fuck
yo u got any erb fer sale
by antonio August 17, 2003
50 30
french cannabis
monsieur, pass me ze 'erb
by sac March 20, 2004
13 5
The inner folds of the foreskin located on the flacid penis in most primates.
The erbs of time
by jay November 23, 2003
5 5
1.The jew of jews. 2.the holder of tight pants and jew gold. 3.a power thirsty slave driver whos only in it foe the gold.
im gonna go save a jet. your so erb.
by feedmenow December 11, 2009
20 22
A slightly overweight Venezuelan dyke. Can usually be seen in Nigeria or France eating ju ju beans/bread.
Band aids and helicopters and a real problem with vomit/Erbs.
by King Ferdinand November 24, 2003
6 8