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The name given to sexual acts performed to/with horses (or other equines, including Zebras). Often performed by females, for the pleasure of a surprisingly broad audience of males. Most beastiality acts refer to equestrophilia, as the phallus of a horse is adequately long so as to provide good visual appeal (apparently). Two of the most renowned equestrophile 'actors' are Kitty Beatty (who actually worked as a vet, before agreeing to do equestrophilic films) and Michael Abbott (who is quoted of having no experience with horses until he purchased one for his wife - who revelled in the thought of equestrophilia, which drove him into his new career of delivering anal sex to horses).
Bob Smith: Jesus, I watched another Kitty Beatty equestrophilia film last night. I swear that shit is illegal.
Michael Abbott: Not where I come from.
by bastard_man March 29, 2008

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