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A common phrase in the Hipno language.

Its origins in underground Aimspoke Courts, young gentlemen would say this to their female counterparts when referring to their genitals. Its literal translation is "eptoon the fish of the pants," the word eptoon has no English translation; it is merely a colloquial term describing what exists in the now.
Gentleman: "Utna con, eptoon fish del panta luna otu here?"
Gentlewoman: "Please, no spik-spok, Tom Cruise, ul!"
Gentleman: "Faskito!"

Rough English Translation:
Gentleman: "With me, eptoon the genitals with sex?"
Gentlewoman: "Please, no foreplay, you rich and scientific man, for heavensake no!"
Gentleman: "Sike!"
by M. J. Tktkt September 26, 2006
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