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an electronic apology sent via email or other internet resource rather than in person; likely to avoid face to face confrontation
after her publicly insulted him, she sent him an epology through facebook
by FeO2E August 16, 2009
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An apology letter or note sent over an instant message, e-mail, text message etc.
"I'm such an idiot i can't even apologize to her in person i had to send her an e-pology on myspace."
by Cody buege January 21, 2008
a half assed apology that seems to place blame on the recipient.
"E -I think you owe me an apology..."

"Geez Nate, OK -I've got an (e)pology for you..... I'm sorry you're such a jackass..... feel better?"
by (e)verything May 04, 2009
An expression of sorrow or admission of guilt achieved via e-mail to limit confrontation, exchange, refutation, or further discussion.
Lily: You'll never believe what Elliott did to me the other day- he totally stood me up!
Pearl: Oh yeah? Did he at least have the courtesy to send you an e-pology?
Lily: Yeah, he said he was sorry he didn't meet me under the clock at eight. Apparently something really important happened.
Pearl: Yeah, right..I'm sure it did..
by Truro Rose August 18, 2008

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