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Similar to words like Fugly and Fepic It combines the words Epic or Epically with Insane. To describe a moment that that is beyond intense and insane
1. That was the most episane fight I've ever seen
2. That match was so episane.
by KBHSpike May 21, 2008
1. A kind of portmanteau word (pronounced EPPI-SANE) combining slang usage of "Epic" and "Insane" to combine a new intensified meaning of awesomeness, something so wonderful as to be almost unbelievable.

2. Not to be confused with the very similar-sounding "epicene" (EPPI-SEEN), which means a person showing qualities or attributes of both genders, or as an adjective bisexual, or indeterminate as to gender.


Did you see the skating team at the Olympics whose event got so much applause? At one point on the ice, SHE picked HIS body up off the ground and went into a twirl with him in her arms. Totally off-the-wall and unexpected. Episane!

I went to one of those big party weekends at that university downstate. Late at night, it got really episane -- students and their friends chanting school slogans, line dancing, puking, or trying all three at once. A couple of them almost set fire to a telephone pole! It was chaos until a couple of campus cops showed up around 3:00 a.m.


By the standards of his time, Oscar Wilde played the epicene to the point of outrageousness, wearing floppy suits, overblown boutonniers, and louche hats. That mixed-gender image, coupled with his constant and arrogant elitism and self-promotion as a genius, hurt him when he was accused of sexually molesting an underage teen.

I can't emphasize enough what a stunner it was when David Bowie went epicene on the album cover of "Ziggy Stardust" back in the Seventies; that kind of deliberate sexual ambiguity upset a lot of people, even some of his previous fans. Then there were the music and the lyrics . . .

by al-in-chgo February 23, 2010

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