A sudden realization of great truth.
Homer Simpson experienced several epiphanies during his time with "boob lady".
1. Bananas are a great source of potassium.
2. Americans will never embrace soccer.
3. More than two shakes and you're playing with it.
Eventually he had another epiphany which led him to save his family.
by John Smith!!!!oneoneone February 02, 2009
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a smart-sounding word for realizing you've been practically retarded for quite some time.
I wonder if a retard could have an epiphany. Maybe that's mean...
by Flamingo Art April 09, 2010
1. When you're really stoned and realise something.

2. An epiphany is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something.
Andy: Oh shit i've had an epiphany... Elton John's not in the beatles
by Grahamc April 19, 2009
A Major Realization in Life
Daniel had an Epiphany that McDonalds is bad for you
by XAKWALX February 26, 2008
The moment during an Ecstasy trip where suddenly all the world makes sense and total harmony with the universe and all people seems possible.

Instantly forgotten once down from the peak.
As Dave looked out over the green fields of the farm he settled back with a grin as his E-piphany came on him.
by Kyza August 31, 2005
1. An astoundingly good idea, at least at the time.

2. A designated name for certain individuals of the female sex, most likely not a biproduct of the first definition.
by IntreiguingPeanut April 15, 2013
Epiphany means a devine revelation from God. The stars that led the wisemen to Jesus was called the epiphany. It is celebrated through the Catholic faith in the form of a festival called the Festival of the epiphany and it starts on Jan. 6th.

Epiphany as a name is spelled Epiphanie. She loves life and is full of energy. She has a beautiful smile and is extremely creative and leans toward fashion designing. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her nature is very pure and sweet. She is lovable and enjoys to please. She has a servants heart and is completely selfless and people gravitate to her because of her amazing beauty and charm. She's amazing and our family would have missed out on the wonder that she brings to us everyday if she were not here!!! We are blessed to have her and she is our Epiphanie.
Mom: Girls you need to get your room cleaned today.
Epiphanie: I stayed up last night and finished it. Do you want me to get you something to drink?
Mom: That would be nice, thank you.
Epiphanie: Mom Si Mom!!! :)

We had an epiphany on Jan. 5th and named her Epiphanie!!!
by epiphaniezmommy February 04, 2010

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