Fail that works beyond one's own expectations of fail
A play that exemplifies epic fail: "Springtime for Hitler and Germany"
by Sp!kY April 28, 2008
1. the Stimulus Package
2. Obama
"OMG, look at that epic fail that's on TV!"
"Looks at this $13 I got from that epic fail!"
by 10379 February 27, 2009
The Justin Bieber Movie
"Man, "Never Say Never" was such an Epic Fail".

1.1 out of 10 in the IMDB based on 10,102 votes (17/02/11).
by Seraphin February 17, 2011
In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Robert Greene missed the half-force game tying kick by Clint Dempsey. This is referred to as an EPIC FAIL.
Greene: No! I missed the ball! The game is tied!

by FIFA Fan June 21, 2010
when everything you do seems to suck and/or fail miserably. more over, every attempt you make at everything ends up in horrendous disaster or blowing up in your face.
asking your gifted teacher to proofread love letters to other men asking to court them.

by LOLPWNTZ April 15, 2008
Spending hours on the Internet reading all the definitions of "Epic Fail" on The Urban Dictionary
You Sir, yes You, reading this sentence...still reading this sentence, Epic Fail. But don't kill yourself over it. No seriously, die. EPIC FAAAAAAIL!
by KBX911 November 19, 2010
Larger than failure. Often results in embarassment and laughter from your peers.
Girl: Did you see Mark try and ask Karen out?

Guy: Yeah! It was an epic fail!
by HaSoRiddikulus April 21, 2009
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