Of great magnitude
(speechless)........ Epic.......
by smokincrak October 05, 2012
1) A word once used described by Vikings going into battle

2) Now an overused and annoying word used to spice up 13-30 year olds vocab.

3)Also used to descride a youtube video, refer to epic fail.
1) "We are here to fight against this dragon in an EPIC journey!!"

2) "Dude.. see Avaitar the special effects are EPICCCC"

3) He fell off his skateboard and hit his nuts... EPIC FAIL
by Owleyed February 04, 2011
Epic is currently used by most groups of people to describe anything extraordinary. Most of these people fail to recognize that Epic started in World of Warcraft referring to the highest level of loot gear you could normally get (I know legendary is higher but the only people you see with that shit are fucking crazy). Most people look down at those who play World of Warcraft but ironically use many of the terms that they came up with.
This cheeseburger is epic.
by Pakawakajaka October 21, 2010
Great news, To find out about something that is good. i.e. Greatness, i.e. Awesome. i.e. Fun
The lakers had an EPIC game against the Kings.
You coming over is epic.
Memorial Day not having to work is Epic.
by Mark Adamczyk February 19, 2003
1.A term for one who achieves great feats and/or is amazing in general

2.Something incredibly amazing.
Did you see That guy do that backflip 4 feet in the air? That was SO epic
by TheBoomer October 25, 2013
It is the most overused word in the english language. It has two definitions. The first one is that it's a synonym for crap. The second definition is that it means classic "cool" or old fashioned or lord of the rings world of warcraft wizards 101 middle agesy or disneyish(lame) type cool(or in some cases "cool"). Cipe is supposed to be "the new epic" because it's epic spelled backwards. But it's kinda lame. It even sounds lame. "Air" or "scythe" sound way better. Scythe and Air might become the new words to describe something beyond the most awesome awesomeness ever seen!
Situation 1
Dude1: Whoa! that video was so epic!
Dude2: That's what you say about nearly every video you see. *5 hours later.
Dude1: I just took an epic ship. I made an epic! It was so crap!
Situation 2
Guy1: *watches top 10 epic songs*
Guy1: That was so epic!
Guy2: If by epic, you mean lord of the rings middle ages like then sure.

Guy2: GET OUT OF THE WAY, guy 1! I gotta chat with my hot smart(Seriously!) girlfriend on this gaming site and then I gotta look at some videos of this hot fictional videogame/TV character.
by SupercooledLiquidNitro June 18, 2012
a great moment of a person life could be described as epic
19 followers on twitter... now thats the definition of epic
by vicksss May 14, 2012
Something so cool, there is no word that people can use to describe it otherwise. Often overused.
friend: -drops a sandwich and screams like very loudly like a dinosaur before kicking it-
you: -laugh so hard your sides hurt- Dude, that was epic.
by snipethecentaur May 04, 2012

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