Of great magnitude
(speechless)........ Epic.......
by smokincrak October 05, 2012
Great news, To find out about something that is good. i.e. Greatness, i.e. Awesome. i.e. Fun
The lakers had an EPIC game against the Kings.
You coming over is epic.
Memorial Day not having to work is Epic.
by Mark Adamczyk February 19, 2003
Once used to describe tales of incredible feats and events, with plots sometimes world-threatening in scope, told with elevated language; now used by any dumbass to describe something as mundane as curly fries.
Beowulf is an epic poem about the ultimate viking warrior and his victories against nigh-unkillable monsters.

Lord of the Rings is an epic novel spanning several volumes, where the fate of the world rests in the hands of an unlikely band of heroes.

"You should taste these epic onion rings, bro."

"I'm going to take an epic dump, bro."

"I have to do my epic taxes, bro."

"Watch this epic Vine video, bro."
by Mike MacDee March 24, 2014
A word used in the 2006-2012 era, presumably to describe something as resembling an epic poem (ignoring the fact that most of the users probably didn't know what that was). Today using the word "epic", unless being used to describe scope, and sometimes even then, makes you look horribly dated and trying too hard to be cool, like a 40-year-old who still wears graphic T-shirts. Instead, the new "hip and modern crowd" uses some combination of the words "swag", "#yolo", "cray-cray", and "twerk" in random order as if somebody had jammed a metal rod into the vocabulary part of their brain and replaced it with a Twitter feed, which also explains their spelling.
"Man, that new rollercoaster's so epic. Here's my BlackBerry, go take a picture while I'm on it."

"Dude. You twerkin' with me? Epic is like, five years old now. So un-yolo. You just lost your swagalicious badge."

"But we're best friends!"

"Nuh-uh-uh, not anymore. *rips off badge* I am so putting this on Instagram so everybody can see the time that you lost your swag badge and peed your pants, 'cause I know that those weren't yellow when you bought them."
by A totally cray person September 10, 2013
It is the most overused word in the english language. It has two definitions. The first one is that it's a synonym for crap. The second definition is that it means classic "cool" or old fashioned or lord of the rings world of warcraft wizards 101 middle agesy or disneyish(lame) type cool(or in some cases "cool"). Cipe is supposed to be "the new epic" because it's epic spelled backwards. But it's kinda lame. It even sounds lame. "Air" or "scythe" sound way better. Scythe and Air might become the new words to describe something beyond the most awesome awesomeness ever seen!
Situation 1
Dude1: Whoa! that video was so epic!
Dude2: That's what you say about nearly every video you see. *5 hours later.
Dude1: I just took an epic ship. I made an epic! It was so crap!
Situation 2
Guy1: *watches top 10 epic songs*
Guy1: That was so epic!
Guy2: If by epic, you mean lord of the rings middle ages like then sure.

Guy2: GET OUT OF THE WAY, guy 1! I gotta chat with my hot smart(Seriously!) girlfriend on this gaming site and then I gotta look at some videos of this hot fictional videogame/TV character.
by SupercooledLiquidNitro June 18, 2012
a great moment of a person life could be described as epic
19 followers on twitter... now thats the definition of epic
by vicksss May 14, 2012
Something so cool, there is no word that people can use to describe it otherwise. Often overused.
friend: -drops a sandwich and screams like very loudly like a dinosaur before kicking it-
you: -laugh so hard your sides hurt- Dude, that was epic.
by snipethecentaur May 04, 2012
Something that is Epic is the the most amazing thing you will ever experience and is borderline divine.

Anything can be deemed epic but will most likely be found refering to music, video games, movies and parties
Jim "I cant seem to find any epic songs lately"
Tom " Have you listened to Violence of the sun by Wolfmother?"
Jim "Oh yeah! that song is epic. its almost like an eargasm"
by Minds eye July 22, 2011

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