Doing some unbelievably awesome. So awesome people talk about it for at least 48 hours.

Super epic: Doing that same epic thing but without any protective gear.
Epic: Playing Baseball with a beehive in bee-handler's gear.

Super Epic: Playing Baseball with a beehive naked.
by Andre Pete October 11, 2009
very good condition in surfing.
how was it this morning?? brah, it was epic!!
by jakesteezy February 19, 2008
anything that is fucking cool, sick, awesome, better than most things in life, or an adventurous tale or a regular adventure
Just like Narnia.
by TrustInnNothing June 15, 2008
When Andrew lands a Gnarly Skate trick
"HOLY SHIT!! He just switch frontside flipped el toro 20 stair naked!!" "SHIT DUDE, THAT WAS EPIC!!"
by Andrew Tomp November 22, 2007
Totally and completely wicked awesome.

Synonyms : Kickass, awesome, amazing,

2] Keiran : -tells joke-

Aeralyn : OMG That was epic! Hahaha!
by Roxanne Hayley Michelle August 30, 2007

something so incredible that it can only be described as epic, few things fall into this category, but when they do, you will never forget them
"my girlfriend stuck her finger in my butthole last night, it was epic"

"that girl has epic tits"
by mr. dickerson May 18, 2007
One day, I was walking around the cafeteria (rather than through it, because there was a massive, chaotic food fight taking place inside). My friend was sitting by the vending machines with a bag of goldfish crackers, but I did not notice her. As I walked by her, she yelled my name, and as I turned around, she threw a goldfish cracker up to me. Everyone went quiet. As the little chip flew up, I opened my mouth wide, and it landed perfectly into my mouth.

This, my friends, is the definition of epic.

by SmileInMyEyes May 03, 2007
Involving dragons, long journeys, sword fights and castles. Associated with long periods of time
LOTR is fucking epic
by Patryk Czort October 03, 2006

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