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Made familiar by several World of Warcraft (computer game) machinima videos. Originally meant the fastest rideable creatures in the game, later on became a synonime for hot & easy chicks. See mount.
She's an epic mount, i could do her all night long!
by damaniac82 May 20, 2008
When a guy is having rough sex with a girl doggystyle, raises both arms in the air and yells "FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMMM!!!!" as he busts a nut.
Damn, he epic mounted her ass last night...
by 8D August 29, 2006
When you place a computer on your partner's back so that you can play WoW and fuck them at the same time.
"Sorry for wiping the raid guys. I'm epic mounting right now and I got a little distracted."
by Cinnamonroll~ 112xD April 02, 2009
It's a epic mount which you can ride in the game World of Warcraft
"ROFL Epic Mounts pwn!!1!1 lollolollol"
by My Name Lol July 16, 2006