A shamefully large, public and costly failure. Something that directly causes a gigantic loss in market share.
Dude, Windows Vista was an Epic Fail. I might sink to buying a Mac.
by mb in nyc April 21, 2008
See Windows ME, Uwe Boll, Tim
One epic fail is the worst OS ever coded, one epic fail is the worst director to ever film, and the biggest epic fail is the worst person to ever live.
by zsta2k7 March 02, 2008
When you cannot fail any harder. A mistake only punishable by a round house kick to the face by Chuck Norris. Also, a series of accidents, or one accident, usually major, producing comedy to an audience around the subject.
Brian Bell: Hey guys! I just got done fapping to some new band no one has hea- OH OWWWWW! where the fucking hell did that basket ball come from!? now i'm bleeding in the face!

Eric: AHAHAAA epic fail dude epic fail!

Chuck Norris: BAHAHAAAA. *roundhouse kicks Brian in the face*
by 13xshadex13 April 15, 2009
male of andrea & barbie's daughter
An attempt at success gone horribly wrong
Nobody even wants to know an epic failure
Dumb, useless annoying etc.
Reasonably stupid and ironical
Easy to make fun of
Way to weird
Kills all jokes that could be funny
Everyone finds them weird
Long lost-cause
Yeah thats right, an epic fail is something that is very ironic and stupid, sometimes funny. it can also be a person
The way he banged into that pole while trying to impress that girl, what an EPIC FAIL!

He's trying to pick up girls at that bar..with knock knock jokes..what an epic failure.
by Jiewo April 11, 2009
The words are self-explanatory; inspired from games like Guitar Hero, the words are used when someone fails to complete something, or made fun of him/herself while doing so.
Speaker 1: Dude, im so gonna make this basket!
*he misses
Speaker 2: Haha, epic fail man.
by CutthroatCasey January 16, 2009
To fail epically; to fail completely and undeniably, often to the enjoyment of others.
Sarah got an F on the easiest quiz ever given, which was an epic fail.
by Francesca Gallagher October 11, 2008
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