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A school in Surrey that has more brown people than white + asian combined
Person 1 : Is that guy over there brown?
Person 2 : Yeah.
Person 1 : Then he must go to enver creek secondary.
by aseoijfo;sdkljfoi234 June 04, 2008
A school in surrey that isn't dirty and is actually pretty good, but girls might steal your boyfriend, get over it.
Girl 1: What's that nice school
Girl 2: That school is Enver Creek Secondary, its nice LOL
by Anonymouspp November 26, 2006
a dirty school in surrey, where nasty horny white girls go and steal good, normal girls' boyfriends.
girl 1- that bitch stole my boyfriend!
girl 2- ohh she must be from enver creek secondary!
by fuck you03 July 15, 2006
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