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An online magazine produced by Ford Ka fans for Ka fans, enthusiasts, owners and potential owners. Its design remit is to cover a wide range of topics with something for everybody and to bundle entertainment with education. It is not intended as a serious highbrow magazine.

EnthusiastiKa is also free and there will never be a charge for the magazine. You can download the magazine from the website,

Despite mud slinging from some corners of the Internet, the magazine has continued as being the only one of its type, either in hardcopy or as an Internet download.
Have you read the second edition of EnthusiastiKa yet?

We're planning to release the magazine in more than just one language.

EnthusiastiKa is free!
by Dervman February 11, 2005
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A very poor play on words, describing "an enthusiastic Ka owner" (as in, Ford Ka). Despite conflicting reports, it is now accepted as being associated with the word Dervman, in so much as enthusiastika is a low-quality online magazine "sponsored" by Dervman... that's "sponsored" and not produced or published or promoted or contributed to by.

Can often be heard being referred to as "enthusiastikak" by those who have actually downloaded and managed to read through a whole issue.

Given the poor content of the aforementioned item, it can only be a matter of time before the term becomes redundant, and hopefully consigned to the "What was the point of that" wastebasket.
Please check out the latest Enthusiastika magazine, free to download from my website! It's free! No charge! Free I tell you! Please? Pleeeeease!

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