England is a fine country, full of proud Englishmen, we have football fans that could destroy a stadium with their roar, we have lots of forein people come to england because of its almighty greatness, we used to control 75% of the world, we can destroy a whole country with just one of our proud football holligans, we are so small, but have created so much, we have true gangsters, instead of wanna-b's who r actually drug dealing scum bags who got a record deal, we have the best marines in the world,

England Til' i die. Oh, england til' i die.........
Make no mistake, we are not british!!
England, Britain, two different things!!
by England's Finest August 30, 2007
England is a small country
London is the capital
Britain is England + Wales + Scotland
England loves the Gulf Stream, so stop melting the Ice Caps USA, China et al
It doesn't always rain
Labour only won the Election because Brown stole all our pensions, sold all our gold and taxed everyone who was not their target voter and gave it all to people who can't really be arsed to work
Not everyone in England knows each other, and we don't have tea with the Queen
The people with brains are currently trying to win the fight against chavs and the hoodied yobs (according to the right-wing rags)
It's called football, so stop calling it soccer!
Joe US: England? I thought it was called Britain??? So what's a London then?
by not illiterate June 08, 2005
England:fathers to the americans,brothers to scotish and irsh,cousins to the irish,the better side of the family than the australien,5 star hotel to the romans,rulers of the west,creators of civilisation,winners of ww2,ww1,100 year war,english civil war(obviously) and we do put on a fucking marvellous show
an american says"hey jim i was thinking about going to the united kingdom or whatever"
an englishman then says"call it England you bellend"
by the goth fairy July 28, 2009
A country which must rank as the biggest victim of racism in the modern world. Leonard Maltin gets on his high horse if Mickey Mouse so much as dresses up as a Native American and says 'how', nobody is allowed to mention that Abu Hamza is a twisted terrorist supporter and no-one's allowed to sing 'baa-baa-black-sheep'. And yet Hollywood is busy churning out so-called movies which are really one piece of anti-english racist propaganda after another. The latest, Braveheart, tells the 'true' story of how the heroic Scots beat the evil English murderers. Lol! It's not Mel Gibson's brains that have got him where he is today. I've no doubt that most English and American people would rather live together in peace, but - as in any situation like this - the minority of loudmouths and bigots unfortunately shout loudest and so are heard. Unfortunately those bigots include the UK government. Tony Blair and his clan openly detest England and the English, are busily selling it off, taking away its basic freedoms and putting it under the iron-fist rule of unelected suits in Brussels. The laughability of Blair can be truly seen when you realise he's sucking up to a President who is a retard controlled by arms-dealer and big business puppet-masters. Every time Bush opens his mouth he detracts from the total sum of human intelligence. Some Americans harp on about the murderous British Empire, neatly stepping over the fact that the US is currently acting exactly the same as the British Empire at its worst. The white US population came from countries like England (has anyone noticed how so many of them speak english?) and wiped out entire nations and entire ways of life when they invaded the New World. Regarding the War of Independance, far more people died in the American Civil Wars which followed. For what it's worth, I love New York, thought the people there were very nice. I certainly felt less threatened walking the streets there than in places like London or Luton, which are becoming more like third world slums every day. Returning to the subject of xenophobia, I think it might be an idea if people formed their own opinions rather than relying on propaganda-filled movies which are being used in the same way Hitler and Stalin used films to brainwash the people of their countries.
For the benefit of anyone wishing to imply the English are all semi-literate, whales are marine mammals. Wales is the country attached to England.
by StormSworder August 20, 2006
North West European country, which shares borders with Scotland and Wales once owned the largest empire the world has ever seen. Unlike common belief, English people dont speak in a posh accent. They speak normal. Also, there is a free healthcare service called the nhs. All in all, even though England, the largest country in Great Britain isn't the largest, richest or most powerful country in the world, it's the best to live in.
England is the best country except for the chavs
England is the best country except for the chavs
by Chris Wilcockson December 17, 2005
Those most concerned about the reputation of the, or the state of being, English are ironically those not particularly obsessed with their nationality in any political, patriotic or aggressive sense.

A soft target for various nationalists throughout Britain and Ireland, the English identity is also unfortunately held to ransom by English nationalists who invariably cause the English reputation to deteriorate further due to their inane 'bulldog' attitude, the hub of their central nervous system having relocated itself to obligatory beer bellies barely contained by knock-off imitation football shirts.

England has accomplished many great things, perpetrated many terrible events, and been on the receiving end of both; just as has every other nation on the planet.
Contrary to popular belief, families in England of 'Anglo-Saxon' descent do in fact discuss means by which they might subjugate the Welsh, Scottish and Irish for the following few centuries; such is their pride and lack of shame at their long and devastating history of military occupation stemming from the early middle ages.
by Jobbit January 07, 2007
A sh*t country in northern europe who thinks its so rich but its not...
The official GDP per capita there is 34920 but englands in dept with 12.6% of its GDP per capita so its real GDP per capita is 30590 which is about the same as spain, italy and slovenia which are poor at the moment in general england is a shitty country full of chavs and no brain thugs who think they are the coolest people who have walked on this planet SWEDEN IS SOOO MUCH BETTER AND SOOO MUCH RICHER THAN ENGLAND FUCK U ENGLAND!!
american tourist: I hate england luckily im going back to the US tommorow

chav: WHA DA FUK DID U SAY??! (chav knifes the tourist and takes his wallet)
by joerostah April 11, 2011
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