A Great country that seems to have lost it's way. Those who knock our football team, dental service, abuse of our language etc...You're right. What you forget though, is that we have practically NO English players in our team,most of our dental and medical staff are from the East and before we had 24/7 access to foreign crap on telly, we all spoke nicely. Our National Health and Benefits systems are in melt-down because if you come here, we give you the same rights as us. What other country does that?! We go out of our way to "embrace" the world and allow tens of millions of people to come to OUR country. The only uneducated members of our country are either foreign imports or today's youth who spend their lives watching U.S talk-shows and listening to U.S influenced (c)rap music.
No one asks you to come here and we certainly don't want you to stay. We DON'T kill our own people, we DON'T enforce our will on others, we DON'T go to places we don't like. Finally, we don't all live for bloody football.
Fred: Can I see the dentist please?
Receptionist: I'm sorry, there's a four year waiting list since another European country has been allowed access to England.
by The English Gent October 31, 2007
A pathetic country that will always live under Ireland's shadow.
- I heard that Man was from England

- Poor Man

- He's also from Ireland

- Oh yeah Ireland does own them
by LiamTheBoss September 15, 2007
England is a country that is hated, and subject to being "slagged off" on a regular basis by countries such as Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We are NOT to be confused as Britain, that is also Wales and Scotland. A country full of proud inhabitants and a rich history. We invented Football and Rugby, the worlds two favourite sports. America developed their version of "Football," by mixing the two sports. We gave to the world; The Car, The TV, Mobile and various other world changing objects. We also hold some of the worlds greatest bands; Led Zepplin, Oasis, The Beetles, Arctic Monkeys and various others. Countries hate us for things that happened before they were born, or for things that 60+ million people had no control over, and we are quickly stereotyped as being "Stuck up."
"I hate the England."
"Because they invaded us centuries ago."

"English are all stuck up bastards."
by Dannyb90 September 12, 2007
A pretty damn shit place to live. But it's better than America to be honest. We shouldn't help the motherfucking yanks kill thousands of people in Iraq. Are they not old enough to fight their own war? We DO NOT say 'good old chap' and shit like that. We do brush our teeth and not all of us smoke. Just some of the random crap the yanks have been writing about England. It's still a shithole. But if it wern't for us, theyre wouldn't be a America. We were the ones that made a pilgramige to America and they took it over and now the buggers hate us? Well you have a crap leader. Well so do we. SHH.The Queens pretty shit aswell. She dosen't do much. In a nutshell, both America and England are shit countries.
American Tom:'Englands shit'
English Chris:'I know, so is America'
American Tom:'Fuck yeah!'
by The Snow Man August 31, 2006
Part of a small island NEAR Europe, not part of it. While England is part of the European Union, it is not part of Europe and we do not use the Euro.
Most Americans believe that the English use nothing but the Queen's English, but the truth is that the majority of the British residency use poor spelling, grammar and diction.
England itself is made up of Council estates and chavs. We aren't obsessed with tea and crumpets, and the majority of Brits are not raging homosexuals, like some people believe.
England is also home to The BBC which is the best Television Broadcasting service in the world.
We also have the NHS and an obsession for watching men chasing balls, on a muddy pitch. This is known as Football (Not Soccer!).
While England is often considered superior, it is not. It is just better than a lot of other places :P
"iv dun nuffink rong coppa" - Example of modern English Dialect, spoken in England. This is often heard being said by youngsters on a street corner, in late hours of the evening.
by rgfdgfd March 30, 2008
A country geographically situated within Europe but politically removed from the ideology of Europe.
Often subject to torrents of abuse from disgruntled sheep farmers situated in Wales and Scotland because we are still guilty of some superannuated crime commited before these people's descendents even lived.
A nation full of stoic people who, whilst courageous and proud are also apathetic.
107p for a ltr of petrol and we all just sit and take it. Time to be like France and riot!
Americans think England is a facsimilie of their culture, but they are grossly mistaken so we shall move swiftly on.

England is a nation that on here seems to be represented by it's football team (oh dear).
Football is lame, so are you muppets arguing it. Go any find another way to have a macho-cock-measuring contest.

England is the oldest established democratic model of paliment/government in the world.
Scotish man: Focking english jebbend.

English man: ...thanks for your time....

England has many English people who adore Welsh, Scottish and Irish culture.
As for the ones calling us a "Cunt of a country"...at least we provide pleasure. What do you do you ropey-looking pikey turd?
by AntipatheticBrit August 31, 2009
England is a fine country, full of proud Englishmen, we have football fans that could destroy a stadium with their roar, we have lots of forein people come to england because of its almighty greatness, we used to control 75% of the world, we can destroy a whole country with just one of our proud football holligans, we are so small, but have created so much, we have true gangsters, instead of wanna-b's who r actually drug dealing scum bags who got a record deal, we have the best marines in the world,

England Til' i die. Oh, england til' i die.........
Make no mistake, we are not british!!
England, Britain, two different things!!
by England's Finest August 30, 2007

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