Clearly the majority of these people haven't been to England! For a start it's a country where the major majority of the population don't have bad're talking about a country where most of the dentistry is FREE! Idiots. English people don't sit around drinking tea or talking like an imbecile "Golly gosh that was truly spiffing!" I think not. There isn't loads of chavs that spit and swear in fact there's more emo's and scene kids. We don't fuck sheep...much ;P and unlike america we're not a counrty full of pussies! American football is like rugby with padding. Grow some balls! We also have better fashion sense than americans and don't act like five year olds on crack. I don't know how any person who is american can call our accents at least we don't act like we're buzzing off life all the damn time! And we don't have a president called Bush...eyes out for you! I don't actually have anything against americans but this pissed me off!
Random american: Dude, like oh my God that was like totally awesome!!!!!
Random england person: I'm buzzing for you.
is nice in places but is full off assholes and pollution...

london is overated and so is kent!!!

and you cant even get froot loops over here without payin £8 a box...£8!!!
naieve people 'wooo!!!!!kent the garden of england!!!'

average people kent 'f**k off!!! *lobs bottle* *rat scurries past*'


tits the capital so it must be good...WRONG!!!...its full of tramps, tourists and peogins...
by hollish January 04, 2008
A Great country that seems to have lost it's way. Those who knock our football team, dental service, abuse of our language etc...You're right. What you forget though, is that we have practically NO English players in our team,most of our dental and medical staff are from the East and before we had 24/7 access to foreign crap on telly, we all spoke nicely. Our National Health and Benefits systems are in melt-down because if you come here, we give you the same rights as us. What other country does that?! We go out of our way to "embrace" the world and allow tens of millions of people to come to OUR country. The only uneducated members of our country are either foreign imports or today's youth who spend their lives watching U.S talk-shows and listening to U.S influenced (c)rap music.
No one asks you to come here and we certainly don't want you to stay. We DON'T kill our own people, we DON'T enforce our will on others, we DON'T go to places we don't like. Finally, we don't all live for bloody football.
Fred: Can I see the dentist please?
Receptionist: I'm sorry, there's a four year waiting list since another European country has been allowed access to England.
by The English Gent October 31, 2007
An old (but not ancient), diverse (mongrel) country in the British isles, which like everywhere else in the world has both a glorious history(industrialisation, first real democracy, first country to seperate church and state,ending atlantic slave trade, darwin,newton etc) and a shamefull history (the empire, suppresion of wales,scotland+ireland,starting the atlantic slave trade,not declaring war on hitler about 7 years earlier.)

and like everywhere else the population largley consists of relatively open minded friendly enough people trying to carry on with their lives and enjoy themselves, but gets let down by some narrowminded bastards i.e chavs who thankfully are seen by the majority for what they are i.e scum of the earth.

. english people drink ludicrous amounts of tea, which is fine as it can help (slightly) prevent various cancers forming
.the only english people who drink warm beer are alcoholics who go to "real ale festivals".
.english did indeed invent a lot of sports, and it's perfectly true that english teams rarely win, this is generally not due to crapness, but more to do with the modern english nation not caring too much about winning,we view taking part and enjoyement being what counts, this viewpoint is translated in the national teams performances.
.english people are slightly racist towards french people and vice versa, this is merely a neighbourly thing, when push comes to shove we love our european friends.
.the english monarchy are inbred,stupid+a drain on taxes, but on the other hand, all capitalist countries have a slight class system, we just give ours titles, also the royal family generate enourmous amounts of tourism+therefore money,only my gran watches the queens speech at christmas. so its win win
.english people dont think of all americans are fat,stupid,lazy etc, america is still seen as a great place to visit,and a source of some great music and ideas eg. jazz, blues, rock+roll, hip hop, the hippy peace movement, bill hicks; we merely worry that the far right christians (who we hate) seem to be gaining political power+control over the nation e.g. george w bush, the temporary banning of teaching darwinism in certain schools,the (generally) complacent tv media owned by business men with an agenda. etc etc.
.england is not plagued by chavs, and every western country+im assuming all countries, have a section of then allienated youth which frustrated with their social situation tend towards violance and drug addiction ALL countries have chavs of one description or another.
.england gave the world monty pythons flying circus and reddwarf.
.make no mistake england is not bush's biatch, blair is, we the english people do not agree with the illegal occupation of iraq+the obvious thieving of oil that is happening there.
.english people despise blair, but the other choices at previous elections have been sub standard untill now.
.many other people have posted increadibly rude and racist definitions about england, fuck you! you either never came here, went to a shitty area if you did, or are mentally disadvantaged, grow up.
.All in all a nice place so long as you don't mind the rain.
england doesn't equal britain
uk= a lie
by Mimmsy June 10, 2006
A country that has invented more international sports than any other nation. The list includes golf, tennis, darts, boxing, football (soccer), rugby union, rugby league and cricket. Although Americans don't play the last three sports, pretty much everyone else in the world does.

Other sports invented by England include; bobsleighing (believe it or not!), badminton, bowls, canoeing, snooker, croquet, curling, rowing, skiing (amazingly), squash, table tennis, yachting, weight lifting, archery and horse racing.

Perhaps the only three main games played on a global scale that are missing from the list are chess (accredited to India), hockey/ice hockey (Ireland) and Poker...not invented by Americans, but by the French.

At time of writing, England is home to the most prestigious tennis tournament(Wimbledon), the second best test cricket team in the world, the Rugby Union World Cup winners, one of the favourites for Germany 2006 Football World Cup plus the wealthiest and arguably best Football league in the world.
American jock: "what the hell's 'soccer' anyway? I mean, like, who actually plays that?"
England football hooligan: "it's the most viewed sport in the world mate. The World cup gets over 900 million more viewers than the superbowl. Enuf said."
by Lukebeelot March 13, 2006
<noun> Geography;

The largest and most populous country in Great Britain, the largest island of an archapelago located 20 miles to the North-West of the European continent. England has borders with Scotland and Wales; Elsewhere, it is mainly bounded by the North sea and the English Channel.
It's capital city is London, which is also it's main economical and governmental heart. The government itself is known as a parliamentary democracy consisting of political parties whose members are elected into 'seats' in the House of Commons. Each member represents a constituency (usually a city or group of towns) and if elected is then known as an MP or Member of Parliament.
The Monarchy of England is symbolic and plays no powerful role in the political system, although they are the rulers of the State, and the Commonwealth by name.
London is also the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with it's members: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (in order of land mass).
Britain had the largest empire ever known, covering just under one third of the Earth's surface, on which "the sun never set."

==> The name 'England' derives from "Angle-Land" from the Anglo-Saxons who settled here in the 4th-8th centuries A.D. Which also explains foreign names for our country, e.g. "Angleterre" in French.
ENGLISH PERSON: "I am from England."

ENGLISH PERSON 2: "Oh. Me too."
by Stuart Fletcher May 15, 2005
A country that is part of the United Kingdom. It contains one of the largest economies in the world, and is indeed a world power.
While the majority of England's population is not what is depicted in the media as "tea-drinking-bloody-saying limeys", most of it's internet population as self centered bigots, who openly boast about the "greatness" of their country, and putting down America because we created our own culture after gaining independence, and we don't constantly praise England. See highest voted entries for verification.

Even as England complains about how Americans "all think we talk funny and are all posh and drink tea" they make equally brash generalizations about Americans, about how all Americans are "fat, disgusting, crude and play fake sports like American football" A lot of English people tend to use what happened hundreds of years ago as the main point of their arguments, thinking that their generation of people are the ones that "freed" America, when the majority of the English aren't even related to strong political powers during the 1700's, nor was America freed by English, but instead the war was won by America that earned America's freedom.

Some English individuals are incapable of accepting other people's cultures, since it is not their own, and therefore it is wrong.
from Engalnd - "Your football is not a real sport!"

America - "Why?"
England - "Because it's not like our football!"
America - "....."

England - "You should stop playing baseball! Why is it called the world series when it's only played in America?!"
America" One, just because it's not massively popular ni your country doesn't mean others should stop playing it, two, it's called the world Series because a large quantity of players who play in American Baseball teams are from around the world, and multiple countries play in the world series, namely Canada and Mexico. People do play baseball in England too, you know."

England - "Your culture is stupid, you call lager beer, which is wrong!"
America - "We're sorry that we have developed a different culture now, and part of that includes different words for different things."
England - "Well... your culture is stupid! And all American's are fat and disgusting!"
America "wow... Yes, around two thirds of American adults are considered over-weight, so are half of English people, with that number steadily rising."

England - "....... your still dumb!"
America - "The literacy rate for both America and England is 99%."
by Xerxes The Wizard August 03, 2009
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