A place that has been stereotyped because of about a fifth of the population and to us that is pretty unfair. We are not all Chavs and don't all have manky teeth. I have never met anyone with disgusting teeth and I have lived in england all my life.

We don't all drink tea all day or speak posh, but we also don't all go round starting fights either and talk like a chav but can speak like a civilized person and sort out arguments in a sensible manner.

And if it wasn't for the English, Football wouldn't have been invented neither would Rugby. We are proud of our football team as its our national sport, and who isn't proud of that?

And we also have some of the best actor/actresses and singers in the world at the moment.
Why are you basing your opinion on what you have heard but not experienced. If you go to England it is nothing like you think it is, its a very civilized place where not every one started fights in the street but neither do they all start drinking tea.
by Justsaying. July 05, 2011
Like any other country, England has its flaws; many Chavs in gangs roam the streets, there are riots, there are those that believe they are superior.

However, Englands love of football brings the nation united and standing tall, together. England loves tea, yes, but coffee is only a few percent below the avage that drink tea! Did you know, it is not England but INDIA that is the biggest drinker of tea?
England is also the homeplace to many now or then MASSIVE celebrities and inventions: The Beatles, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Mr Fleming himself, David Bowie, Florence Nightingale, Bob Geldof, J. K. Rowling. Inventions include; the sewing machine, Mp3 Players, Touchpad and many more.

YES, other countries have inventions, and this is why each country is as important as the other!

Does it not astonish you that Britain including and mainly England, SUCH a SMALL country, has once owned a QUARTER of the world. Nowadays, the whole WORLD knows who we are, unlike many many other islands like us.
Prejudiced person: England's people are arrogant, horrible people, milking anything theyve got.

Normal person: Dont judge a country of 60million people, with an empire and three massive allies. Clearly they're doing something right.

Random person: but seriously, dont judge 60 million people to be the same. That's not clever.
by Patriotismofengland February 23, 2011
A country criticized by America because it isn’t full of people having their teeth removed and replaced with plastic so that they look "cool".
The country that invented the English language and has as much right as America to create and use slang.
A country that invented TV so pig-ignorant people could watch inacurate TV shows about how English people have bad teeth and talk weird.
England is not to be confused with "Britain."
by Tyunakan May 16, 2007
A nice place, some areas are absolutely beautiful (The Cotswolds, the South West for example), whereas others have the most amazing nightlife, pleasant weather in the summer, readily available decent education and opportunities.

However the politics of the Labour Government are extremely questionable and the people running the country are a bunch of useless scumbags who keep increasing our taxes so they can keep buying fifth houses and cars which they dont need. Our economy is failing, mass multiculturalism is unfortunately only breeding rascism, we are the bitch of the EU (which the majority of people don't want to be a part of) and the future looks pretty bleak. Crime is on the rise, as is teenage pregnancy, the spread of STIs, problems with drink and drugs, The National Health Service is terrible, and we're a slave to Health and Safety and Political Correctness.

A Country which makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and abuses the practicalities of foreign labour to an appaling degree. In the majority of cases it is right to say that the honest, hardworking classes and the middle classes are the ones that lose out in this country, and has been proven that those on benefits are infinately better off than those who work. This has led to a mass abuse of the benefits system.

However much I love this country, Its becoming somewhere many of its own citizens can't stand to be, and as such is driving our it's own people in droves. The only thing we're heading for is Revolution.
Neither I nor my parents can afford to put me on their car insurance so I cant learn to drive, despite the fact that all three of us are working and intend to intil the day we retire.

However my fat relatives who have never worked a day in their lives get given a free car because she's a cripple and cant walk, despite the fact that I have seen her running about the shops without a stick or wheelchair in sight in the January Sales. As is usually the way in England.

Oh i'm sorry, I meant "my relative with an eating disorder" not fat relative, and "physically impaired" rather than cripple. OMGZ LOL I TOLLY LEIF PERLETICUL CORICTNUSS!!!!!!1111 GG OK??
by Cyka April 06, 2008
the national football team that lost to croatia
england conceded 3 goals to croatia at home in euro 08 qualifying
by jagerbomber316 November 25, 2007
A country that is bad and good... just like any other country! Country of people like Orlando Bloom, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie (House), Richard Branson, Sir Francis Drake, Alfred Hitchcock, David Bowie, Elton John, Stephen Hawking, David Beckham, Jk Rowling, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Nock Hornby to name a few!

OK, there are a lot of chavs and idiots like that in England but if you go to areas like Cornwall, Devon, Dartmoor and the Pennines you'll see the real England.

Other countries are no better or worse, they are still a mix of amazing people and scum.

If you hear England and think of stereotypes like having black teeth and idiots think of Stephen Hawking- he probably wouldn't have survived if he had been American, due to the rubbish health system
Lots of places in England have their fair share of chavs and idiots but there are genuinely amazing people there if you hard enough.
by Flemingo January 01, 2011
The only country that has put up with Americas bull shit.
England is one of Americas few remaining alliences
by stickfruit April 13, 2008

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