Nice country with mostly good people. Some though claim Americans to be fat ignorant turds, yet when you search England mostly all you see is praise because most people from the United States appreciate England and recognize it is a good country.

Yet when you search United States all you hear is bad things and idiotic stereotypes. Some English people can't except that they are no long the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and have to share the spotlight with the United States. They always speak of the atrocities committed by America yet they seem to forget that for a good portion of history especially during 19th century imperialism they were some of the most evil pricks in the world.

Every country has its flaws yet British seem to love ranting and raving about "stupid American's," yet everywhere you look in England there is American influence and some English cannot accept that United States and Britain rely on each other more than some English people would like to admit. It's sad that these few people don't realize that they are no better than the "fat, evangelical, gun slinging, idiotic Americans." And this does not apply to all British people because half of my family currently lives in London, but just like here in the hated United States there are idiotic fools who don't know their facts and tarnish their country's reputation.
I fucking hate people from the U.S because their totally stupid even though i sit here reading these tabloid magazines about American pop culture sipping on my Coca-Cola! England zomg!!!!!!

by Educated American! Evan December 27, 2008
A country in north-west Europe. Part of the United Kingdom. Bordered by Wales to the West and Scotland to the north.
Did much for the world, for example Isaac Newton (extraordinary physicist, mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, and natural philosopher), George Stephenson (inventor the train), and Charles Darwin (theory of natural selection on which the modern theory of evolution is based) were all English.

Produced influential music acts such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Black Sabbath.

Football and rugby were invented in England.

Has a language spoken by a huge amount of the worlds population - roughly 300-400 million people speak it fluently and 150 million–1 billion speak it as a second language - even those who claim to hate England (the Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Americans to an extent).

Hated out of jealousy by Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Most likely because England does better when it comes to sports, and Englands dominant cultural position within the U.K.
England is a country in Europe, part of the United Kingdom.
by Carl 101 September 01, 2006
greatest country in the world, unfortunately with the stupidest prime minister in the world, and the only reason america is actually there!
england rocks,so much more than america it's almost untrue!
by philash June 22, 2005
One of the best countrys in the world, that everybody hates for some reason.
1) rains, not all the time, just most the time.
2) you dont know what your dentist is saying, because there usually from russia or bloody ukraine.
3) unfortunatly home to the chav.
4) inventors of football
5) England, full of tough people
6) England makes nice cars
7) The place where most AMERICANS orginally come from!
8) The country that started the industrial revoloution.
9) Full of dirty muslims. They hate us yet they come to live in our country, i think they should all fuck of back to their caves.
10) moving on, we have a prick as our goverment, whose name is Gordon Brown. WHO IS SCOTTISH?!

i cant be bothered to go on, but i could go on if i wanted to, but im english and arragant so i'll bloody well do what i want.
oh, and before i forget we have the best accents in the world, we dont have those silly gay american accents that are squeaky and just plain retarded.

As you can see, not all good points, but for a small country I think the rest of the world can be pretty harsh to us.
American: Haha you're english you're such a tool
English Person: Hang on a sec, most americans are decendants of England. SO GO FUCK YA SELF YOU SWEATY TWAT!
by -MW-2009- March 05, 2009
best country ever. full of english people who rock. we have pretty cool accents which no one from ANY other contry can pull off. we drink tea and watch doctor who. BEAT THAT!
i'm proud to be english, don't you know. go ENGLAND!
by tokyotess December 23, 2008
most amazing country on the face of the planet. also home to my favorite band McFly.
Zomg! i just got back from england and it was ACE!!!
I love McFly, theyre from england!
by katixstarxgirl July 18, 2008
Officially the greatest nation on the face of this Earth. Often attacked by other nations due to its superiority, England is the beacon for pretty much everything great that has happened over the past 1000 years. England owned most of the World not long ago (aided by Scotland and Wales, see arse licks and beg friends) and jealousy from other nations is still rife. Most caucasian Americans are of English descent, and should be damn proud of that fact. The status of England has admittedly recently become a bit of a laughing stock due to grotesque levels of illegal immigration, political correctness, people scared to speak up against left wing twats, and ignorance of greatness.
Ahmed: I'd love to move to England, but I'd really like to see high crime levels, incredible obesity rates, low life expectancy, extremely cold weather, and a language which I couldn't understand if I was there for 50 years, where shall I go?
Egbert: Scotland.

Teacher: Bobby, how do you spell 'perfection'?
Bobby: E-N-G-L-A-N-D
by George Payne April 12, 2008

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