It is to the mental field what Gatorade is to the physical field. Energy drinks are made to enhance performance and concentration, and make the user hyper as hell. The best of these are BooKoo Energy, Monster Assault and FUZE Omega Energy.
I love energy drinks and drink at least one a week.
by Hand Hanzo April 03, 2005
Top Definition
A reliable drink that contains many materials that end in '-ine' that make you both very hyper and mentally concentrated at the same time. Although it says on most energy drinks to not drink more than 2 servings a day, most people tend to chug down 2-3 times that amount daily just to feel the rush. This is usually considered as 'unhealthy' and 'reckless to the EXTREME,' but many people tend to ignore these warnings and do it anyway.
I usually drink two energy drinks every morning so I can be awake throughout the day.
#energy #drinks #sobe #monster #hyper
by Nayr Namshe December 29, 2005
Drinks you can usually buy easily that cause you to become very concentrated mentally and hyper. As was said before, Boo Koo is a great example of this. I haven't tried Monster Assault yet, though. From personal experience(though things may be different from individual to individual), chugging brings best results.
Boo Koo, Monster Assault, Sobe Adrenaline Rush, Red Bull, etc.
by Soul Reaper Shadow August 05, 2005
Something that little kids and high schoolers like to drink thinking that they are cool. It is harmful for them so they like to drink it and go "ohh im so messed up over this energy drink!" They act like its some kind of drug but they are just drinking a stupid high caffeine drink that tastes like balls.
high schooler: Whoo energy drinks im so messed up!.

John the invisible bear that watches you sleep: Shut the fuck up.
#energy #drink #highschool #penis #sex
by Testicle stomper August 17, 2008
n. A soda that a cow ejaculated into. Taurine is named after Taurus the bull.
This energy drink gave me wings. Too bad it contains bull semen.
#red bull #monster #rockstar #soda #beverage
by AndrewTheJud January 18, 2013
A foul-tasting concoction of questionable contents advertised to increase your "energy". While it is sold in health food stores and gyms sometimes, the real target demographic are obese gamers, who drink energy drinks to become even louder and more annoying.
Without energy drinks: At, 15% he goes into phase three, lust then.

With energy drinks: DUH! LUST AT PHASE 3 NOOBS! UHH! BILLY MAYS!!!!!

#fat #ass #jose #is a fat #fuck #energy drinks #are #for #douchebags
by Name-42 January 06, 2014
are an excellent source to keep you active, hydrated, balanced and centered. They also supply you with an endless amount of energy to keep you re-energized throughout the day. Some popular brands include powerade, mother, red bull and bookoo to name a few. Theses have shown to be popular in mainstream consumerism and with due credit to. They assist individuals during times of need, especially during exam period or high stress periods.
guy 1: man this powerade is the bomb...
guy 2: i totally reckon... do you think we should start selling these?
guy 1: you mean like sell sell em energy drinks... ?
guy 2: yah... maybe even concoct our own drink yeah?
guy 1: Sweet brotown... sweet
#energy #drinks #hydrated #balanced #centered #smiling #selling
by 2mku:) July 06, 2010
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