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Definition: The implosion caused by absorbing massive amounts of energy while creating huge amount of sound in the process.

Etymology: endo- inner, mestrol- a altered form of Maestro, composer of sound/music.

History: On the 20th of April, 2013, on a video by sjin called Ninjas #8, a user called stardude655 stated the following: "The reason that Rythian exploded is because of the excess of energy absorbed from Duncan's precision ultraviolet-beam causing an exothermal dynamic meltdown making Rythian implode in an endomestrol explosion." A response followed, by JONNYELVIS7 stating:"When you google "endomestrol" the only result is this video. Just though I'd let you know you broke google." And in result, a need for a meaning of this word was created.
Example 1:
The thermal displacement beam was shot, and was integrated into the wizards body. An endomestrol event occurred, and the wizard imploded, after taking too much heat from the laser.
Example 2:
The black hole absorbed tons of mass, ripping them apart, transmuting it into energy. With each bit of energy, endomestrol explosions were made, but, as space is a vacuum, the deafening sound was not heard, ironically.
by EmanP April 20, 2013
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