French chess term that means "Making up rules as you go."
Player 1: "Checkmate!"
Player 2: "You can't do that!"
Player 1: "En passant, bitch."
by OisinG February 11, 2008
Top Definition
I'm a cheating piss ant.
I'm too fucking stupid to think of a rational way to capture your piece, so I'll pretend my pawn can move in a way it can't That's en passant.
by zhaleskra August 05, 2010
A French chess term, which describes a special pawn move made to take the pawn of the opponent "passing by".
After his opponent moved his pawn from c7 to c5, he took it moving his pawn on d5 to c6, so this move was "en passant".
by Oldtale2008 January 07, 2009
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