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Very good game with the same set up as Age of Empires and/or Red Alert. Go from the Stoneage to Nano Age and fight your way to victory...

Only drawback is the ass pirate who constantly says," We be under attack!" whenever some stray enemy soldier throws a rock at your wall.
Guy: I'm playing Empire Earth. It's fun and --
Game: We be under attack!
Guy: What the fuck was that?
Game: We be under attack!
Guy: What the FUCK!!?
Game: ...
Game: We be under attack!

by Durango24 June 05, 2006
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A real time strategy game spanning the ages. The first one, at its release time, was quite good, albeit a bit cheesy.

The second release was horrible, and should not be touched with a ten foot pole. The fun completely disappeared and the units performed circa 1995 AI

The third installment is set for release in November of this year and already looks like shit judging based on the 'monsters' to be included as futuristic units and the technical problems in the beta.
Empire Earth had potential but was flopped. The developers were somewhat lazy with the first but it was much more forgivable because it was released in 2000.
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007

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