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1. the status of being pwned (and or owned) and being emo. (e.g. "i am emo. i just got emowned.")
2. owning an emo kid. (e.g. "i just emowned that jerk.")
3. any general emoness + ownage (this especially applies to poseur, whiny, emo/scene kids).
subject a: "liek omg...i r soooo sad. let me tattoo nautical stars on my wrists and liek...rock out."
subject b: "shut up." *punches emo bitch* "EMOWNED!"
by squidlove December 11, 2005
To be or get owned by an emo.
-*Emo slaps some guy in face* "You just got Emowned!"

-*Points at ES* "Ur Emowned"
by Mikaal September 11, 2006

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