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A man who undervalues women emotionally because he prefers the company of men to women intellectually. Emotionally, he is drawn to men and tends to surround his normal activities such as dining out, shopping, etc. with men; but usually he is heterosexual and his sexual preferences involve women.

Many emotionally gay men also use derogatory terms like "bitch" to describe women for lack of understanding them or relating to them.

And many are also suffering from a form of Madonna Whore syndrome because of issues with their own mothers.
Young men who need a "crew" are emotionally gay.

Men who stereotype women as "bitches and hoes" are emotionally gay
by La Gabacha January 26, 2011
to be emotionally gay is to be very sensitive when it comes to emotions, especially when it comes to a girl.
Fred is a man's man, but when it comes to his girlfriend he is emotionally gay.
by punk curmudgeon April 05, 2008
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