To become extremely offended over online conversations to the point of all caps, random childish threats, and e-stalking.
Damn homie I was only joking. Don't get so e-motional. This is only a cbox. You remind me of my bitch.
by King Jafee February 28, 2008
Top Definition
1.having emotion
2.having strong feelings
3.a reaction to a situation, place, person, etc.
4.having deep or intense feeling
5.sometimes used to describe the genre of music, emo(short for emotional),
6.or the fashion style associated with emo music.
1.The talented actress gave a very emotional performance.
2.Ron was very emotional about visiting his hometown.
3.Visiting the nazi death camp was an emotional experience for all of the people.
4.Jacob had an emotional time after the death of his father.
5.This song is so emotional.(emo)
6.That guy is emotional.(emo)
by kalie w. July 02, 2006
Some one that dramatizes over a litlle problem. AKA A dramatizer
"Don't get so Emo tional, it just another guy"
by loopycute April 05, 2009
A nice way of saying someone is a raging cunt.
You: Hi there
Them: Fuck you
You: There is no need to get so emotional
by burning_bush May 23, 2010
An odd state of confusion, usually resulting in either some form of mania or depression. Though, many people say these cannot possibly exist. A human does not "feel", as they are incapable of doing so. Basically, "emotional" is a word spawned by an evil imagination of dark fantasy.

Speaking the word itself is a taboo for men within America.
"Emotional? Isn't that that one kid who cries and listens to bad music?"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
Staying very still (the opposite of motional)
The girl was tired and emotional
by lisa_urban May 17, 2008
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