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A combination of anxiety and emotional distress and their spiral toward a child's inability to self-regulate, as witnessed in children, often during a regular school day. The emotional tornado spins from anxiety, emotional distress and poor self-regulation, followed by greater anxiety and further emotional turmoil. An emotional tornado can wreak havoc on a child's stress response system, impair maturing brain circuits and increase the probability for long-term learning, behavior and overall health.
Ashley's daily dose of bullying on the playground led to her heightened anxiety, emotional distress from the name calling and an inability to maintain her self-regulation in the recess line; she was experiencing an emotional tornado.
by docec May 11, 2016
When a girl talks herself in circles and her emotions for a guy she's in love with spin around and around and around and get completely out of control.
Damn.... Courtney was such an emotional tornado today.
by Cjs07r June 16, 2016
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