Calling someone who you don't want a relationship or sex with just to boost your self esteem
I called my ex for an emotional booty call because I was feeling lonely
by emg123 May 19, 2008
Top Definition
emotional intimacy in the absence of sexual intimacy. primarily initiated by the woman, the emotional booty call is used to obtain a sense of emotional fulfillment from an admirer on an as needed basis, without committing to a sexual relationship. Oftentimes the man will be left feeling empty and used.
her: "....I'm so glad we talked and thank you for telling me intimate details about yourself."
him: "It was nice to talk to you you wanna come over later?"
her: "I don't think so, I just want to be friends."


bro1: "...dude, I feel like a whore and so trashy"
bro2: "sorry bro, did Michele give you another emotional booty call?"
by Theryl McCoy y July 10, 2010
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