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A person (I use that word loosely) who overuses emoticons in chatrooms and emails. These people are lowly germs who must be eliminated.
kaybebe1617: hey dudds =D =D =D :) :) :)
jesse572789: juu hunny baby dawl :-* \:D/ >:) :P :) :) X-D X-D get the idea.
by Eric Melech April 18, 2005
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1.A person, usually female, who uses emoticons passive aggressively.

2. A person who uses emoticons to imbue an otherwise benign message with hostility.

3. A person who uses emoticons to make an obnoxious message even more rude.
My girlfriend is such an emoticunt when she's mad- it's amazing how scathing a one-word text can be when you add some carefully selected emojis to the end of it.
by Professor Thaddeus Higgleby April 19, 2015
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