A means of expressing emotion via Internet chat rooms and private messages.

(Note: Do not use emoticons unironically, unless you're speaking to someone who doesn't understand your language.)
:) happy
:( unhappy
:D overjoyed
:C profoundly unhappy
(^-^) ecstatic anime fan
by Tommy Wommy Womsters March 26, 2005
A simple text depiction of what one's face would look like if an online conversation were taking place in person.
1. I'm happy! :)

2. I'm unhappy! :(

3. You're silly! :P
by PJC October 01, 2002
An icon (almost always a circle) used to represent an emotion; an advanced smily face.
Only pixel emoticons are allowed in that section of deviantART.
by Emotefan September 06, 2010
a symbol made from punctuation marks, used to denote emotion
Why do you need to use emoticons? Don't you know that we can tell you a thinking by what you write?
by Light Joker January 15, 2006
The act of getting blazed out of your fucking mind, or refering to weed.
Log Dawg: J-Dawg let pick up some Emoticon tonight!
J-Dawg: fuck ya man, i got this crazy pipe of this negro holdin' the bowl!
Schnaz: I'll Drive! Nigga im fittin' to get blazed mutha fucka!
by Logan R. Uhlenhake March 13, 2008
Emotion Icon.
A smiley face used to show emotion. Doesn't necessarily have to be a face, as MSN Messenger uses other things as well.
The best emoticons are on DeviantArt.
:D - Very Happy
:) - Happy
:( - Sad
:P - Sticking tongue out
and my favorite...
^o) - MSN's raised eyebrow emoticon... (the "what the crap?" look)
by Lizzard9109 December 11, 2005
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