TO be emotional, or to have a serious tone about
Sardo is so emosh, when talking about how he sits on his bed with his cat in the middle of choir.
by Rob Levine November 25, 2005
emotional, heartfelt, saddening
eastenders was emosh
by dooble November 23, 2010
The crazy dance that emo kids do when others would be moshing. Involves lots of stupid looking swinging feet movements and absolutely no touching anyone/thing else.
"When that thrash metal band came on, the emo kids started to emosh."
"So not right!"
by Dawnie April 21, 2007
Someone who is almost an emo, but not quite. Several variations. Comes form the word emoish. A gothic punk crossover.
We are the emosh rockers!
by Rosie Thomas November 05, 2006

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