Something emo that is awesome and/or hot. Emosexual can be used to describe clothes, dancing, etc.
Dude, those skinny jeans are so emosexual!

Whoa, I saw V For Vendetta last night and it was so emosexual!
by Peniscar September 25, 2009
Emosexual is a man who is heterosexual, but listens to, stereotypically homosexual/Feminine music. The man does not necessarily have to be Metrosexual to be Emosexual, and vice-Versa
Jake: So what do you think of Maria Carey?
Rob: What, as a chick or as an artist, I mean shes hot...
Jake: As an artist, I really like her
Rob: Man, you are so emosexual
by Robert Giorgi May 10, 2008
Emosexual- Early to late teens who want to be different in the same way as others and still thinks sad black clothing is what it takes. They think they are hard done by when they are expected to do nothing more then basic requirements of schooling and society. “this is hard so its mean and I don’t want to do it so I won’t and I’m not going to tell you why cause you should know”
They are fucking lazy people that consider anything that requires any effort to be too hard even if it is to switch their brain on when they open their eyes in the morning. They have sex because someone else says they should regardless of who it is or who they are already with. No self respect or moral code including lack of honour, respect, or loyalty to anyone that isn’t as brain fucked as them.

I am Emosexual because I’m so sad that I can’t be bothered to try a smile. Being so sad makes me feel sad so I might fuck someone of the same sex then regret it so I can be sad for a reason and tell everyone that I’m no good so they can be sad for me but then I’m not different anymore…That makes me sad!, I might cut myself this time then get upset about the attention I get due to my attention seeking actions!!
by Dad of Emo May 07, 2007
An Emo who will not admit to being gay, straight or bi...
I'm not bi, I'm emosexual. Now come here boys and girls, lets make out
by what a lad June 24, 2007
Emo kids that can't have sex due to their overwhelming feelings of unhappiness.
Conner Oberst: "What's wrong dude?"

Chrise Carabba: "I'm sad because my girl dumped me because I was too sad to have sex with her"

Conner: "dude, emosexuality is a disease, you need help. I got help and now I'm not so sad, and I can get laid now."

Chris: "But, I just can't help it, I like being sad..."
by scott July 01, 2004
when a person is so emo and so homosexual (that can be literally or not) that you just want to kick them in the head.
"so i heard jeremy is talking shit about you again"

"that emosexual pretends to be my friend, what a ass"

"someone needs to kick him in the head!"
by jason C R May 08, 2008
One who claims to be attracted to the same sex without any homosexual tendencies.

An emosexual is a male/female who although not bi-sexual pretends to be in order to create emo controversy and confusion around ones self.
oh baby i'm so emosexual.
by Nancy Boy March 20, 2004

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