Emosexual - Noun. Refers to a person of any gender who can only become sexually aroused in the presence of whining. Telltale signs include: all black ensemble, heavy white make-up covering up as well as contributing to a LOT of acne, facial piercings, eyeball piercings, genital piercings, anal piercings, etc. The more painful the location of the piercing, the more likely you have found an emosexual. In the wild the emosexual is often found listening to wrist-cutting music in her suburban home, going to wrist-cutting musical performances, and talking about how all emosexuals are better than everyone smarter, prettier and with better social skills than they have.

Emosexual hair generally looks designed to get its wearer pummeled by jocks, sociopaths, and basically any person within viewing range with any sense of aesthetic decency.

There is no known medical cure for the emosexual, however therapies that have succeeded in the past include: maturing emotionally past the age of eight, getting a reasonably well-paying job after college and turning into a yuppie, and successful wrist-cutting.
*A seventeen year old boy sits at a table in the cafeteria. His face is covered in pancake makeup. He writes with heavy tears streaming down his acne-scarred, piercing-riddled face*

Guy 1: Woah, man. What's wrong with that guy? Did his dog get shot?
Guy 2: Oh him? His parents bought him an iphone for Christmas and paid for the Prince Albert he wanted. He said he's writing deep existential poetry about how his life feels empty now that he can't complain about his parents.
Guy 1: Fucking emosexuals.
by Timmy Gunderson February 08, 2011
An Emosexual is someone who has an extraordinarily Depressing Nature, is able to cry themselves to sleep everynight, and see the world through an entirely Dark point of view. They tend to like to draw, write poetry or take creative photographs which promote themselves as being depressed and then plaster them all over facebook, myspace and other internet sites.
The typical Emosexual wears straight legged jeans, a swoop in their hair which is dyed black and bright colours and also their wardrobe goes no further than hoodies, slip ons, and band tee's.

Ie. "You Are So Emosexual"
by Chris Shepherd (Sheps) November 26, 2007
The fact of being Emo and eighter gay or bisexual at the same time
Look at this Emo over there. Wait, Is he comming on to me? What an Emosexual
by Dark Wolf7171 June 04, 2009
Originating in Long Beach, CA. This is a rare cross breed between a metro-sexual and one who lives the emotional hardcore lifestyle.
Dougs attire today forced us to label him an emo-sexual.
by jason December 23, 2004
any man who wears his sisters pants or anyone who's bangs block the vision of one or more of their eye's or anyone who catches my attention as I drive down the road and feel like yelling this at someone.
Is That a dude or a chick, Frank? I think its an emosexual Dick!
by Dick R. Johnson April 24, 2010
to my knowledge the best definaition of emosexual would most definatly have to be aaron quisenberry, hes so emosexual!
like oh my god, aaron can wear a size zer, soooo emosexual!
by mama lover April 13, 2005
1.n combination of the words emo and homo-sexual when in reality they are really the same thing. 2. sometimes know as scenestersor emo-faggotscan apply to both emoboys and emo girls because they both wear the same clothes, have the same greasy gay hairstyles and listen to the same whiny bad music. seeandrogynous...3.can usually be found in you local malls or infront of local coffee shops high on antidepressants. Usually talking about their crappy emo-band just got signed to a myspace lable no one has ever heard of and how they are 10 profile views from becoming big rockstars.
blink 182 are not punk they are emo-sexual
by Breslin August 05, 2008

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