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v. Used when pwning TPhaggerK, or Jacob.
Jacob: im too cool for you internet people
son of muggo: *emos*
by i eat babies February 12, 2005
15 124
whiner that everyone hates.
often mutilates self
has no balls.
small penis
gay hairstyles
listens to gay bands like themselves.
Omar: i am going to beat that emo kid's ass.
Alex: theres no need. see? he has a shotgun in his mouth, the faggot...
by Alex St. Clair March 21, 2007
213 336
just another label used by people to look "cool" i guess
emo?<----good enough example
by just a person! March 20, 2007
148 276
Stupid ugly white boys who think they are hard core but really look like huge fags and ware their sisters pants.All emos deserve to die since thats that their music says.I find them a waste of space and maybe if they wernt so ugly they wouldnt be so depressed!
Fall out boy is emo but wishes they were hard core.
by Kiirsten March 22, 2007
144 306
Sensitive music and the kids that cry while listening to it.
Man, I'm so emo right now it hurts.
by Rachel October 04, 2003
184 417
Emo, contrary to popular belief, is not a style of dress, or a genre of music, although the term is often used to classify those things that are associated with and popular amongst emo people. Emo is an emotion, a feeling. Emo is when you find no hope. Emo is when you feel like there is no one who cares or understands. Emo is the type of emotion many feel when they reach rock bottom
John felt emo for months after his best friend died.
by Xixor February 10, 2009
122 490