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Anguish or regret arising from repentance for having sent a mistaken or offensive electronic mail message.
I hit the "send" button and was immediately consumed with feelings of emorse.
by David Paltiel January 04, 2007
a feeling of remorse or regret for paying for and downloading a certain song.

a electronic form of buyers remorse
i felt serious emorse after downloading the "Darkness" a think called love....
by buzz gusserson August 11, 2010
similar to buyer's remorse, the immediate sinking feeling felt after placing a bid for an item on ebay you realize you don't really want. usually followed by prayer for someone to outbid you before the auction ends.
Jim's e-morse was overwhelming after he bid $45 for the potato chip that looked like Richard Nixon.
by mondo270 October 16, 2009
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