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"Emo Moment"

A point in time where an individual engages in whining, complaining, or otherwise self-pitying behavior around others, usually in search of pity.

Emo is a style of softcore pseudo-punk music usually stereotyped as "whiny" and often features singers complaining about their bad love lives and the unfairness of life in general.
Jan had a total emoment on her Livejournal when she started up all that drama about how her boyfriend broke up with her over the Frodo/Aragorn slash forums.
by Gabriel Korrigan October 15, 2004
eMoment ee-moh-muh nt

noun - a joyous occasion, passing interval of time or lifetime achievement to be professionally captured, shared, enjoyed and reminisced for generations to come.

verb - to convert stand-alone photo, video and audio artifacts into artistic digital montages that preserve the authenticity of a special moment.
Kodak moments are so 90s, today we emoment our special occasions.

The video of the guy throwing a shoe at our president was such an emoment.
by arbinligind May 18, 2009
A moment in time in which someone is being emo.

Hey Joe, are you having an emoment?

Sorry Bob, I was just having a little bit of a emoment back there.
by Heheheh... March 23, 2009
An instance in where you suffer a sudden bout of depression
"I can't believe she broke up with me. I'm having a serious emo-ment her."
by NSP81 May 01, 2007
a brief time of extreme depression
When I chose "You're not alone" by Saosin, I was having an emoment.
by Trixie Ventimiglia March 02, 2008
Noun - A time of excessive whining, bitching, complaining and generally grumpy mopery.
Carl was having an emoment. He'll get better.
by peroty July 10, 2008
An emo moment. A moment of emotional feelings. Usually ranging from 30 seconds, to 1:45 seconds. Then ending in a spontaneous giggle. Most likely, an emoment will happen at least twice a day, but if you already have emotional tendencies, may occur more often.
An emoment may also occur due to a severe dis, or burn.
Resulting in ice.
I cried because someone used my makeup. That is considered an emoment.
ex. You stupid cooz! you stole my eyeliner!
by shana[bags] September 11, 2007
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