A word used to describe anything that's attractive in an emo. Some scene people can also be considered emolicious.
Nick's swoopy bangs are so emolicious!

I love Andy Six's voice; it's so emolicious.
by TeamMustache December 05, 2010
When people think that you're emo, but you really aren't; you just dress like it.
"OMG, you're so emo! Go cut yourself emo kid"

"WTF, I'm not emo, I'm emo-licious!"
by Audrii November 26, 2007
Used to describe fit young women whom appear to be emo or listen to the emo punk genre of music. Usually of a slim build, black hair combed over the face in the form of an emo fringe and have occasional lesbian tendancies.
Me: Dude Ayme hooked up with Sinead last night!! omg it was emolicious!
Friend: O RLY?
by crazfulla December 14, 2006
A feeling giving pleasure and/or satisfaction
that chicken was emolicious
by emolicious_design July 27, 2005

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