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To become immortal amongst emos and known as a demigod.

Spiritual descendants of emos or spiritual descendants of fallen angels.
All great Emo bands are emofied!

Jay and Kay are emofied from a previous life, and when they have kids, there kids will be emofied!
by The Moody Poet January 22, 2007
18 24
The act of being cut, originating from the emo sub-culture.

Also known as emofication, or emoed.
Bob: Ow! I got a paper cut!
Stan: HAHA! You've just been emofied!
by talesfrombeneathyourmom June 21, 2006
7 6
TO make or become Emo or show a slight sighn or moment of being emo.
Emokat: Hi JEff
Jeff:* no answer*
Emokat:*pulls jackect from jeff's head*
Jeff:*crying alot*
Emokat:You HAve Just been EMOFIED

EMojen:Put this small shirt on jeff
Jeff:okay*pulls on*
Emokat: now put this gel in your hair and aply this eyeliner.
Emojen and Emokat:YOu have just been EMOFIED!
by <|3K A T I E <|3 February 24, 2006
4 6
to become emo, to be emo, to try to become emo
craig: dude, why are your converse different colours
Aj: *wearing one black, one red converse* my shoes are all EMOFIED
craig: *confused* wtf?
Aj: go and look it up...
by the adge man October 22, 2006
2 5