A gathering of underground metal bands, occurring in the inland empire of Southern California. "Emocide", now a yearly event, began as members of several local metal bands complained about the popularity of the Emo style, pathetic attitudes of most anything emo, the somewhat unfriendliness of venues, and unfairness of society in general, toward people who prefer music of the deathmetal, grindcore and blackmetal variety. Disgruntled band members decided to throw a party, made a flyer and invited all their friends to join them. On a whim they decided to call the event "Emocide", somewhat in agreement with the term "emocide", i.e.: death to anything "emo", would be something to celebrate. Since that first gathering the event has become synonomous, (at least in the local underground metal community) with a yearly gathering of the area's most extreme underground metal bands, along with family, friends and fans, getting together once a year to appreciate underground metal, moshing & discussing ways to support and promote the music they love, the old school way - DIY style, in the vain of the metal militia street teams supporting and promoting an underground metal garage band, who called themselves Metallica.
Last year's Emocide event drew an even larger crowd, and word has spread, so that a larger venue is needed to host all the bands who have asked to perform.
by Melissa aka:DEATHSONG April 03, 2007
Top Definition
In short, a feeble/lame attempt at suicide by someone of the emo persuasion. Emosides are for attention purposes only, and NEVER result in actual death. (i.e. taking 4 Zoloft tablets insead if 1, a self-inflicted AirSoft gunshot to the head, choking yourself with rubberband)
Ben: Todd commited emocide 4 times this week!
Clint: Wish he would just get it over with.
by Ben&Clint February 24, 2006
n. (to commit emocide) The action of an emo kid pitying himself out of existence.
You hear about Alex?
No, what happened? His band didnt get back together again, did it?
Nope, Emocide.

To commit emocide.
by recursive January 31, 2004
When a person attempts lame suicide that purposely doesnt kill them, meanwhile it would be better off if it does.
Arthur attempts emocide ->
www.dtrades.org/ uploads/ photo-5609.jpg
by newb May 15, 2006
The act if an emo kid attempting to commit suicide knowing they will fail before they actually do it. They most commonly do it for attention.
Jade cut her wrists with a key instead of a knife which is, EMOCIDE!
by shadowasparagus June 06, 2006
Emocide is the strategic cleansing of anything emo(-related).

This word has only recently been coined and is slowly becoming more popular.
Many people nowadays advocate emocide as it has become something of a nuisance for them.
by Mathew (darkapple) October 23, 2006
When an person that's heavily into the Emo trend, commits sucide
Jimmy bought some razor blades after writing a sad poem about how he hates life, so he can commit emocide tonite
by Robulosity January 04, 2007
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