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One who is easily subject to depressive behavior and will often experience symptoms of self-pity, crying and occasionally, acts of self-inducing pain. An emobaby does not necessarily have to be of punk nature (emos), but may follow the same ideologies.

Many emobabies cry in their pillows, and make feeble poems and notes on their xanga or facebook walls in attempt for pity remarks from their friends.
mary: what? you had sex with jessica last night?
joe: cmon mary, i was totally wasted last night and it was only for shits and lols
mary: thats it, we're over with!
joe: stop being an emobaby and suck on my wiener
by ua89 March 21, 2008

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a small child dressed like an emo because their property-obsessed, zinfandel-drinking, Espace-driving, D+G hunting parents think it's cute, and besides, Bethany and Aloysius have brought their child the same miniature reproductions of the designer tat most depressing..ive teens buy, but at forty times the price.
'oh do tell me where little Ozymandis got the Gerard Way 'do'
'i had to have Al Opecia do it. a snip at £260'
'i'll send my little ones there too. he looks quite the emo baby!'
'you know Jocasta, they might even start cutting themselves!'
'YA! YA! *snort*'
by herve peach January 26, 2007